Pam's Gallery

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"My art is inspired by special events in my life such as;   my marriage, birth of my children and death of my parents.   Through my art I express my vision on how I see life and my variest moods.  I've always been attracted to ethnic patterns which connect well with my art.  I call my art Black Folk Art.

Every painting will always be unique.   No duplications.

MyDrawingBoard has lost contact with Pam. At this time we can not sell any of her work until she returns.

Mother/Daughter  |   Our Love   |    Watching Over   |    My King   |    Ms. Peabody   |   Daughter

Searching    |   True Love    |   Myra  |   Queen Nubia   |  Malasia Dance  |  A Dance

Get Well | Wild Flowers | ROSES | 2nd Child | Prepare  |  Ritual   |  The Drummer | Asante Magnets

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