The 2000, UNO Awards Trophy Presentation
Christmas Uno, December 29, 2000

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Xmas Uno, Pat and Mindy stop by.

The trophy was hidden.  We knew Mark would win so we said nothing and combined Trophy and Xmas Uno.

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CHAMP2S.jpg (11221 bytes) Dez tells a story.


When Mark went to the bathroom, we all scurried to set the trophy up.

Mark opens the ceremony. By surprise!

Exactly as he wanted it!

The official presentation by last year's champs.


Then back to gift giving.

Dez is already wondering how to return the gifts. While Cathy won't ever let her new doll go.

David Sanborn has nothing on Mark!

Yvonne's very first CD


Hamming it up. Before the Losers come front and center.



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