1993 to 1996

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UNO 1993, JAN. 9, 1993..Har-e Gnu Yeer. Desert Joe found $60.00. Otherwise nothing for history books.
3 games. Pam, pam..unrecorded.

Jan. 23, 1993..THE UNO BOYCOTT 1993. Play at Joey's or no
uno. Doreen & Dj's idea. Mark held out the
longest. New ceiling at Joe's. 2 quests;
Mike Blum & Jim. And Joe wins 1st game.
4 games. Joe, Mike, Mark, Mark.

Feb. 13, 1993..Mike Blum joins us again. 3 day weekend,
President's day. Joey replaces 2 engines &
Town of Babylon wants Ye Olde Friendly Flower
Shoppe. 3 games. Pam, Mike, Mark.

March 20, 1993..Long time no UNO. Storm of Biblical
proportions worse in century broke up last
UNO. Artie's leadership qualities are coming
to the forefront and his hair is pulled back.
Pam & Mark saved roof during storm.
Pam mostly thou shoveling snow - mark with
ingenuity. 3 games. Joey, DJ, unrecorded.

APR. 3, 1993..HEMORIOD Joe all star game. Spring ahead 1
hour. 2 games. Artie, Pam.

Apr. 17, 1993..Orginal 4-sum - Joe had a great Easter!
Artie - cancer free nose - good news (and Mark
drew a picture of Artie's cancer free nose)
Sheena died - bad news. Longest break in
history for a four hand game (In last game.) 4
games. Art, Pam, Mark, Artie.

May Day, May 1, 1993.. Prior history amended: Joey's life is
based on a true story! Only the facts have
been changed. Artie's hair is monstrous!
Pam's a gut lover. Mark's mute. April is
over, the reign of Terror of Artie & Pam
winning every game is over. 4 games; 1 at 16
hands. Mark, Artie, Mark, Mark.

May 15, 1993.."Pam's Surprise Birthday Uno." Preparations
underway for the Mother of all Yard sales!
Joey button tucks Van, becomes primo
fuck-truck. Doreen makes first Early
appearance in UNO history. Joseph fucking
amendment crazy. Shut out/no shut out.
3 games. Joe, Joe, Artie.

May 30, 1993.. Late - 8:45 pm - UNO - Tough Memorial Day
Garage Sale UNO. Two days of living hell.
everyone, but Joey is pooped! Pam says, "It's
just sooo good to sit down!" 2 games. Artie,

June 10, 1993..Surprise UNO - Uno at Joe's paradise diner.
Artie starts 50 hour week's - Jim's cheque
(IRS) came to Mike's house also Mike is here.
African Room coming together. Pam redid
floor. Mark researching baseball cards. Joey
is reading MIND TOOL. 4 games. Pam, Mike,
Joey, DJ.

June 26, 1993..44? Joe A. UNO Spocktac -u-lar Birthday UNO.
Joe's 2,395th life entity (This time as
human!) So far, Joe's pleased. D.J., Mike
special guest stars. Business booming. D.J.
returns from Penn and figures out door
mechanism. African Room almost complete.
Superior floor....UNO UPDATE: Joe having a
great time. Enjoys Vulcan-half breed cake.
Many cards and Joyful gifts.
2 games. DJ, DJ (incredible)

July 7, 1993..MIKE'S (first) BIRTHDAY UNO at Joe's paradise
Bar & Grill, Burgers & Dogs & Bones of
Contention - WHEW! 9th degree burns on Mike's
ankles (DJ late) First heat wave of '93. Pam
receives 1992 UNO Champ awards. Screen-porch
& dog in place. Artie worked 67 hrs & 65 hrs,
and, is feeling the effects. Desert Joe
drives all the way from Jersey - what a guy!
He also talked state police into oblivion.
Doreen throws tantrum. (She is barred from
future UNO's) 4 games. Artie, Pam, Mark, Pam

Aug. 7, 1993..Mark's BIRTHDAY UNO! Marc drops candle lite cake on himself trying to read it: B. UNO UGO. Uno at Artie's. Mark back to work. Mike's sunburn gone. One week before vacation! Mark has a certificate for CAT WRANGLING. Too many pussy cats in back yard but Mark caught 4. Six to go. Three Birthday Uno's in a row! 3 games. Mark, Mike, Joey...........

.......Mike officially has 12 games straight.. official member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug. 28, 1993..Pam's son's over but
spectacular memories. Joey went to first
auction - computer madness lurking in future.
First video of an UNO game. Paled at Joey's.
5 games. Pam, Mark, Pam, Artie, Artie. (Mark
was a sore loser)

Sept. 11, 1993..Full House - UNO. Mark gets belated
birthday gift from Desert Joe. Mike moves to
second floor, wants elevator. Joey paints
inside of his van, his IQ drops 50
points...and Mike's dropped 25 while riding in
it to Artie's house UNO. Artie continues 60
hr weeks, Pamela loves her stained glass door.
3 games. Artie, Pam, DJ.

Sept. 25, 1993..Joey NOT in Florida, no history for Mark.
Artie stains Lion cabinet. Pam contracts
auction fever. Slow 2 weeks. 5 games. Artie,
Joey, Joey, Pam, Pam.

Oct. 10, 1993.. Sunday UNO. Cabinet finished in African
Room. Massive undertaking! Pegasus
sandblasted for body rot. (Was given to
Patrick A. later in 94') 6 games. Joey,
Artie, unrecorded, Mark, Joey, Mark.
Halloween UNO

Oct. 30, 1993.....Vol.III Exactly 6 months from spring ahead
one hour. Mark....Camocat
Pam.....Female Bozo
Artie...Daddy Bozo
DJ......DJ (shows at midnight)
Fall back one hour. Listened to Thriller
music. Artie had wonderful "forced" vacation
but solution to back problem is at hand. Mark
put $300 into brakes. 3 Kitties for Artie and
8 games! Joey, Pam, Artie, Joey, Mark, Artie,
Artie, Joey.

an unforgettable evening, indeed!!
Nov. 27, 1993.........Thanksgiving, Birthday UNO! Artie's 44th.
Mike returns. Patrick moves to Florida. D.J.
finished van interior. Mike's refrig is
simonized. Demagnetized Jessie joins game;
boys in. New Proposal, see back of book.
Joey wins all night shut out, largest kitty
ever, 27 hands on 27th of Nov.. Longest games
on record; 18 hands. 44 buy-ins on Artie's
44th birthday. Joey's florist
in Newsday! 3 games. Joey, Joey, Joey.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> AMAZING!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dec. 11, 1993..... Pearl Harbor Day on Earth II. 2 inches of
snow. Desert Joe's van fucked up. Stove from
20's in Artie & Pam's kitchen. Pam with
Citibank 15 years. Mark purchased a 100,000
German mark for $7.50. Joey's going broke.
Doreen got everyone Xmas gifts. 4 games.
Joey, Joey (Joey's 5th game in row!) Pam,
(ends Joey's reign) Pam.

Christmas UNO 1993, last UNO of 1993.. Desert Joe gets here
at 10 pm with no gifts. He got a blow dart
gun from Mark and DJ tries to give back gifts
- P U. 5 games. Pam, Joey, Joey, Artie, DJ.
Everyone had a great Christmas!


Jan. 18, 1994
First Uno Game 1994, Super cold, frozen everything...Artie in shitty mood. Joey forgot paper work. Artie drove 7 hours on ice.
winners Mark, Mike, Pam, Artie

Feb. 5, 1994......Worst winter in 50 years. Joey and Doreen missed out in Florida. Desert Joe's unknown Birthday Uno. Mike's nose rearranged by big black boy. Mark has titanium cut. winners= Pam, Mark, Joey

Feb. 19, 1994.. INSERT...UNO< Unbook UNO!! Joey forgot UNO book. Artie over deathly illness. Worse winter EVER! Nightmare! Mike's license application on the way, since August '93. UNO shrimp, tasty snack! Page 2 of bookless Night Uno when will it end? Mike learns valuable lessons in playing strategy. winner=Pam, Joey, Artie, Artie, Artie.

March 5, 1994..UNO awards night. Trophy for Pam after three years as champ. Artie & Pam use oven for first time-smoky house. Mike jockeys for UNO position and loses. Mark drinks clear Noxema. Artie is hero of JD. African masks continue unabated. Mark has bogus 1993 Champ shirt. No history for Pam (What about her trophy??) Joey's going broke with worse winter ever - Pam gives acceptance speech.
"This is such a great surprise! Only the second trophy I've ever won! Thanks, and let's do it again next year, suckers.!" Winners=Artie, mark....continued after insert (With a drawing of an ant)..March 5th, after insert - sponge cake from hell! 10 point card proposed (Hydro tested!) 3rd game hydro -> Nicotine change)) Club to arranged by semi unions canteen, no JAMP...Flash round (ZIMA?) winners after insert= Mark, Mark, Pam.

March 26, 1994....No Mike UNO. First game of Spring!
Next week Pam owns her own car outright. 5 year in waiting. Cat's birthday! JD in turmoil - Pam can't stop peeing. Joey 12 minutes late. UNO club displeased. Meowee, wowee! winners= Joey, Pam, Artie, Artie and Joey.

April 8, 1994...Vacation/ Friday UNO! Artie & Pam go to big NYC. First time since King Kong messed it up. Mark work, work, work. "The Paper" sounded good but Mike didn't get to see it - he fell asleep. Taxes due Apr 15, Mike owes his rent. Joey real sicko again - a whole week of no snow!!! Mike needs practice, royally! Winners= Artie, Pam, Mark, Mike and Artie.

April 23, 1994...All Fucked Up UNO...Richard Milhouse Nixon died April 22, 1994 at 9:20 pm. We're supposed to play at Mike's but Pam screwed it up, like she screws up all "away" UNO games! Artie on upward mobility. Pam has to work Sunday - tough shit. Mike's apartment is done! Pam came back from edge. Mark is awaiting his new carport from Connecticut. Mike's bed is made. Joey still sickly. Artie's salary re-evaluated. First game with new gold stars! Winners= Artie, Joey, Joey and Pam.

May 7, 1994...Pam's Birthday UNO, First time at Mike's!
Mike lost derby but won triple. Mark's still working. Had to wheel out his partner at work with heart attack. Joey having good Mother's Day week. Winners= Mark, Artie, Mike and Artie.

May 21, 1994...Joey's Designs goes nation wide. 24 hour fax service. Mike no show (Preakness addict!) The guy gets computer literate at work. Mark survives kidnapping to BayShore Hotel. Takes week to recover. Pam part-time cat nurse for one eye. Car port done in 6 hours. Winners= Joey, Mark, Pam, Joey and Pam

June 18, 1994.. Pam had spider bite her neck / Joe's 24 hour fax service big hit / Artie working 60 hour week, back feels like shit. Mike no show - Mark almost on vacation - then begins career as lint salesman (What a concept!) Winners= Joey, Artie, Pam, Artie, Joey and Artie.

July 2, 1994...Joey's Birthday UNO!...Artie gets cool PC - transfer to Hicksville - Uggh! Mike leaves Nephew's birthday Party for UNO. All done with probation. Joey's nation wide ADSTONE going great. Had good family birthday party. Super surprise party at BaySHore Hotel. Thanx to Doreen & Mary. Mark is living hell on earth. Winners= Mike, Artie, Pam, RT.

July 16, 1994...Mike's Birthday UNO!...Mike is 41 & young. Had his doubts. LIRR - smooth ride from Islip to BaySHore. Mark on vacation - rebuilt roof on bird house. Pam on vacation, no bird houses. Artie kinda on vacation, only worked 55 hours. Artie Dynamic success in Hicksville! No history for Joey. Winners= Mark, Pam and Pam.

August 6, 1994..Mark's Birthday UNO!...Joey is a heel; he misunderstood Mike so no Mike this UNO. Mark is 42 - vacations are over. Mark's sanctions are almost done. Heat wave of 30 days is over. Mark caught limit on "Captree Queen" 6 fluke. Artie back in Hicksville this Monday after a week in Belly of the Beast. Scott Mereidith wants a book from Joey - fat chance! Winners= Joey, Joey, Pam and Mark.

August 27, 1994...No special UNO Mike at poker; he says we are screwing up the schedule on purpose. Artie borrows Dandy Tandy. Mark is older than last week. Pam is stretching. Winners= Artie, Pam, Mark

Sept. 17, 1994...3 handed UNO - Brain lapse UNO -until pam don't count as per page one line 44, no less than four players.

Sept 17, 1994 when Pam shows...Joey has no floor - floor in shambles. Mike is here, beats OTB big time! Last game of summer '94 Winners= Mike, Art, Joe, Joe and Artie.
Oct. 1, 1994...Joe refloored / Mike's banker ups Donald Trump/ A.C. on trip list / Artie working schmuck - pres. oc company fired. Winners= Joey, Art, Mark, Art, Joey and Mike

Oct. 15, 1994...Artie less hours & raise! Joey's florist & van broken into & midnight ride. Mark's still around. Mike found darkly cheap beers. Kathy throw out Brian. Pam doing operations again. Winners= Joey, Joey, Pam, Mike and Mark.

Halloween UNO..Oct. 29, 1994...Welcome home Jessie from California - and Sam. Mike brought $340 joint. Mark - Chernobol 4 hand = Mike. Jen=Jen. Joey = Pumpkin head. Jessie = Vampire. Sam = dead pirate. Artie = Mr. Ghoul. Pam = Drac-ghoul. Artie and Pam new refrig.
Winners= Pam, Pam, Pam, Sam and Pam. (Lyrical)

Nov. 12, 1994...Pam's hair is noticeably darker. Pam & Artie had a rare Friday holiday. Mark brings Greg in a jug. Joey Incorporates. Mike says Joy = UNO. Sold LS custom buckaroos. Republicans win, republic burns. Mike has tap flu. Winners= Pam, Mark, Joe, Mike with tie shortest game ever, Artie.
Nov. 26, 1994...Artie's most excellent Birthday UNO! Also Artie's comic birthday. Mike's still sick barely. Mark had vacation in middle of nowhere, he's building Marie's landing from 2 pm til 3:30. Mike paid $345 for joint. Joey had good thanks. Winners= Mark in tie shortest game with four zeros. Mike, Mark and Joey.


Jan. 15, 1995 First Uno Game of 1995
Mark really late. Joey major ass surgery. Pam found $100 bill and $50 bill in bible in room during Uno Outing to Atlantic city. Joey won $823.00. Mark learned how to play (shoot) craps. Mike fell down and chipped tooth. long time NO play - since Nov. 26, 1994. Artie (mistakenly proclaimed) champ of 1994.
5 games....Joey..Pam..Joey..Artie..Mark

Jan. 21, 1995 Just UNO
Stranger gave Mike $4.00 for a cab because none of his friends have any $. Artie gets nose cut. Pamie got back cut. No cuts or slices for Mark. Adstone Designs lighting world on fire.
6 games ...Mark..Mike..Mark..Joey..Mike..Mark

Feb. 3, 1995 Hawaiian UNO with lettuce
Pam gets facial adjustment. Cancer free nose for Artie.
First snow of winter.
5 games ..Joey ..Joey ..Joey ..Artie ..Pam
March 4, 1995 Analoscopy UNO
Joey gets it up the ass. Artie back in Amityville. Artie and Pam Giant TV. $200 abortion for "WILD" cat. It took Mark, Artie & Pam one hour to get TV up stairs. Mike going to Beacon theater to see Spin Doctors next week. Pam minus beauty marks & got washer/dryer. Mike had a good President's Day at OTB. Joey drove to Orlando, Fla - good dinner with family in Melbourne.
4 games Artie...Pam...Mark....Mark

(No date assume March 18, 1995) Happy Name Day Joey UNO
Mike sez Spin Doctors were great, lost his mind and keys. Mark survived first lay off. Pam is not yet Empress O' Bank. Artie Bus Co. sold to Biggest competitor. Spring 3 days away.
4 games Pam...Pam ...Mark...Pam

April Fools UNO
Mike sez he's coming - he no come. It's spring - almost played at Joey's (long story)
5 games Mark...Joey...Mark....Joey....Pam

April 15, 1995 Easter UNO
Joe wins 99.50 at lotto. Joe also changes NYS 1996 budget. Pam & Artie on synchronized vacations. Mark caught $32 flounder - the last fish in the bay. Mike not here again. Pam got 'outstanding' audit.
4 games Mark...Mark...Pam...Mark

(no date) Come Home Desert Joe UNO
Mike finally got CD deck, took beaten on ponies. Artie & Pam massive undertaking painting bedroom in 'Movie Theater' BROWN. Got TV calibrated at 6,500 degrees Kelvin. Pam hurt her back for the first time ever. Mark's off duty - mom and dad back from France. Joey is Town of Babylon Memorialist.
5 games Joey..Joey...Joey Mike...Desert Joe

(No date assume May 11) PAMIE'S BIRTHDAY UNO (41)
Mike still working the container mold. Mark won $250. at UNO. '64 Dodge Polara is Joe's. Pamie's Puddy died a day before MAY 11. Artie & Pam purchased lots of great masks in Manhattan. Art stressed to max on job.
3 games Pam....ARTIE...ARTIE

May 27, 1995 UNO
Joey has last step to on-line CompuServe with his ADSTONE BBS. Artie's company sold again! Pam had more kittens. Peppy died (Joe's Mom's dog) & cremated. Reincarnation of Puddy Cat. Mike hates Madeline.
4 games Pam...Mike...Mike....Artie

June 10, 1995 UNO
Mark got haircut, Artie didn't. Pam dyed her hair, Artie didn't. Joey dating left and right. Mike at Belmont. Jessie's back! DJ here at 5 pm to show off his Van. Both Pam & Artie played hoockie on Friday. 19 hand game.
3 games Mark...Mark...Pam

June 24, 1995
Joey's Most Wonderful BIRTHDAY UNO
Joey buys the rights to ADSTONE Artistic Etcher! On the internet! Mike gets through tough week. Artie layed off 100 workers. Pam found German telephone card. Mark got car muffler. Mark sawed dining room table and had a run-around day.
3 games Artie...DJ...Unrecorded.

but sorta a continuation of Joey's Birthday UNO
Joey's birthday never ends. Desert Joe comes to ADSTONE. Mark laid multitude of bricks. Mike just don't know. Mike was in total frustration with Bay Shore Deli going under. No history for Pam. Artie is king of Nassau.
3 games Joey...Artie.....Pam

Mike's Polish July 22, 1995 Early Uno
Learns to read scratch off tickets - DJ plays nintendo for pay. Ar D & Pam on vacation. Joe looks like Montauk Joe. Mike owes everybody $5.00 for shitty Rollin Stones' music. Joe had a 5 day Montauk vacation, bar hop by canoe.
4 games....DJ...Artie...Pam (two hands) ....Mike

Aug. 5, 1995...Mark's Visual UNO Birthday
Joey's BBS on-line. Vacation for Pam & Artie, drove around and bought cool stuff. Mark went fishing caught nothing then went on jury duty. Mike got poison 'something' on hand. Pam & Artie going to look at a house Upstate. 4 games...Joey..Pam...Joey..Mark
No Mike or Desert Joe UNO late. Aug. 19, 1995
BBS doing too well. Artie working mega hours for school. 1 Indian stone up in wrong cemetery. Tomorrow Pam goes to HS reunion. Mark's older and wiser and pissed hurricane Felix stopped his fishing trip & enjoying birthday gifts.
4 games....Joey...Joey...Joey....Pam

Sept. 16, 1995 End of Summer UNO
Mike's glad to be back and away from all the yelling. Artie & Pam experience VR at Computer Universe. 60 hour weeks come to end for Artie. Pam is an INFJ. Mark went blue fishing of NJ coast 4 hour trip. 400 fish caught - Mark caught 0. Joey BBS up - no calls -starts Lori Sex Store. 3 games.....DJ....Mike...Pam

Sept. 30, 1995 End of the Month UNO
If Joey doesn't go broke before he gets rich, he's rich! Once a month pot for Artie and a Musical work station. No history for Mark. Need addiction for "Keno" Mike - Tickets for Steely Dan. Pamie working mega hours. 3 games....Joey...Mark...Joey

Oct. 14, 1995 Screwy UNO
Pam goes to see her new Nephew, Ryan "the Kidney Stone Kid," in hospital so she is late for UNO. 449 to 432 against Union at Artie's. Mark's ill - got Mike's flu. Joey enduring show biz life. DJ has forgotten history. 4 games.....Artie....Mark....Mark...Joey

Mark = Batman, Mike = Swabby, Artie = Skeletore, DJ = Rainbow Glass Cleaner, Inc., Pamie = Gypsy Witch, Joey = Sister Jason Maria Haloweena.
Artie had a great week on planet earth. DJ discovered Spring facts: 5/8" shim. Mike went to Steely Dan concert & brought the tape then ate no worms.
3 games.......Pam......Pam......DJ

Nov. 11, 1995 Dave & Cheryl wed UNO (Dave Bliss)
Joey wrecks van. Artie goes on internet. DJ shoots 8 ball in on break!
4 games....Mike....DJ....Mike...Mike

Artie's Birthday Day
11/25/95 Thanksgiving UNO!
Artie is 46 and is the 'Destroyer of Computers.' Pam is back, Mike feels like a WINNER. Good Turkey. Mark won $456 in Take 5. And vacation's over. Nothing for Joey. Mike's gonna lose (No Grateful Dead) 5 games....Joey....Mark...Pam...Joey....Mike

Dec. 9, 1995 Closing on the last of '95 UNO
Artie deletes Undelete. No history for Mike or Mark. Pam is one week away from vacation. Desert Joe too tired to show. Joey is happy boy. 6 games (1 double) ...Mike....Pam...Joey...Mike...Mike....Pam
The Last UNO of 1995 - Christmas UNO Dec. 23, 1995
Mike saw tree at Rockefellar Centre. Winter came early and with disaster to Joey. Pam in middle of 2 week vacation. "Oh, gosh!" Says Artie, "I'm on vacation." Mark is sooooo exhausted. 2 games......Mike.....Artie

During February 1996, Artie Turco suffered a heart attack. He died at the age of 45, May 28, 1999. He was our life-long friend.

From that fateful February in 1996, until September 4, 1999, there was no longer an official Uno Club.

On March 2, 1996, we began playing Uno at Mike Blom and Joe Auricchio’s homes and called ourselves: The "While Artie is in the Hospital" UNO CLUB
This was only for awhile since Joey could not tolerate the loud music and Mark’s heavy "control" of the game. Desert Joe agreed with Joe and when they left the game, the club fell apart. The following is the History record of the "While Artie is in the Hospital" club.
March 2, 1996:
First meet was March 2, 1996. Conceived by Mike as a distraction from the worry over Artie’s stay in the hospital and bout with heart disease.
History Record
Mike: Uno at Mike’s. Joe: Finally gets rid of cold he gave the world.
Mark: Stressed out. Desert: Late but not out. Dorie: Stressed out. Janice: New Cell phone.
(Janice is Mike’s sister.) 3 games&ldots;. Joey – Janice - Mike

April 13, 1996:
History Game 2 &ldots;..Again&ldots;..
Artie was readmitted for blood clot today April 13, 1996. Mike routs for Artie and routed for Daryl for being his 1995 dependent. Dez wants everybody to dress up like the Unibomber.
Joe’s just worried. Cathy Blom got her raise, was due in January. Mike’s pissed (super pissed) that Mark’s not here. Frank Zappa is saying, "You’re an asshole," on CD Mike got from Artie for Xmas.
The "While Artie is in the Hospital" Uno Club would like to welcome our NEW MEMBER: Lisa!
Dorie tells about Joe’s and Dez’s and Jim Kelly and Dorie’s trip to Montauk. The new Adstone began Friday, April 12, at 6PM. John..New Member&ldots; played cards in dangerous South American part of town. 3 games&ldots;. Dorie – Joe - Mike

April 27, 1996:
3rd. When will Artie ever get the fuck out of that damn Hospital Uno.
April 27, 1996, Joey saw Artie today and Artie insists Joey was there to take him home – Pam stopped us.
Mike hit 4 out of 5 numbers just in time to buy beer for Uno. John didn’t take history in school. "That girl last nite" went to John’s today to rent a room (yeah sure!). Mike’s going to opening day at Belmont. (He’s back)
New Motto – It only takes 15 cents and a dream.
Dorie picked up Walbaum shopping cart and threw it at an old lady. She’s in no mood.
2 games&ldots; DJ - Joe

May 11, 1996:
4th Getting tired of Artie still in hospital. Pam is not here for her

May 11, 1996
Mark’s here with all sorts of terrible news about Artie. Joey very sad – misses Artie. Adstone going to the AOL stars. Laura Holmes killed Billy – she’s up on manslaughter charges.
Cathy Blom says ‘don’t go to OTB with Michael.’ Cathy fell last night and screwed up her leg. Mike has one of the best CD ‘s of his life – Tony Bennett. Mike won’t lend money out anymore "thanks to all my friends!"
Mark is here – that’s it. 3 games&ldots; Mark – Cathy - DJ

July 6, 1996
Uno at Joey's Special Good-bye, Artie BBQ.   Joey opens 'Club 200.'  Internet is booming. desrt Joe went to Detroit to meet his soul mate and returned shortly; alone.  Recently went to mountains in Jersy to get unstressed and enjoy the morning smells. (Fragrances).  Dorie though she got a lot of compliments in the last 4 years.  Mark is here (after spending $200 for car inspection.)  0 dollars for haircut.  Mike lost and it was hot and waited 2 hours in Jamacia.  Tim Richardson is visiting.  In honor of Artie, Mark gave a toast and we all drank 'Dead Guy Ale.'  YUCK!  And Mike came from Belmont with Tim and his sexy chest, we both lost. Hay, Artie!
First game back to zero, Dorie won.  No other games that night.

July 26, 1996
Jim Back From Florida UNO - the sequel, uh-oh, baby!
                  MIKE'S BIRTHDAY UNO
Mark is shingling his wood shed.  Mike says, "Mark don't know how to play cards."  Referring to Mark's preformance at Poker Night.  Mark agrees.  Kathy won big at Poker and got her licemse back.   Joe and Doreen had a good, good, short vacation. TWA 800 over Morriches Inlet -   no sense going to Montauk now.  Joe being held hostage by TV55.

August 10, 1996
Mark’s UNO Birthday and nobody showed.   Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya!
Mike saw Dobbie Brothers and Leonard Skinard at Jones' Beach - good show.  Blind date from Alaska.   No histroy for Dorie.  Mark and Turco family may move to Georgia.  Joey depressed.   Mike gets actual LILCO reading 2 months in a row - he's still in the black by $260.

August 24, 1996
Just Another UNO Saturday Night..DJ's Late UNO
Joey had a nervous breakdown. Na, na, na,, history for Mark, he's overworked.  Dorie had a fabulous, wonderful time on Montauk; with Joe, she wish she was there.  Mike's a shitty gambler.  DJ has the patch and it's working. Viagra is here! Right here!!!

Sept. 6, 1996
Dorie has palups on vocal cords - YIKES!   Joey took Pam out for carvel.  John's lil red car needs bearings.  MArk won football pool.  Mike's luck sucks.  Got a ticket in Patchoque for open alcohol container.   Joey...John...Mark

Sept. 21, 1996
Last Uno of the '96 Summer UNO - Begin the Night in Summer UNO - End the Night in Autumn UNO
Mike pays $500 to Patchoque Town for Open Container at RR station.  Mike doesn't care for Patchoque.  He also went to the track.  Cathy adds, "And lost!"  Bad work for Mark.  Dorie has nothing to speak about. (Hard to Believe)  DJ made an air damp for his van and front bars in stirring.  Joey sold ADSTONE Designs.  Good-bye ADSTONE, 1972 to 1996.
Stats so far= Pam 1, Artie 2, Joey 7, Mike 6, Mark 7, DJ 3, Cathy 0, Dorie 3, John 2

November 2, 1996
Long Time No Uno UNO
History That Way ->  Cathy gets her license back.  She made Mark drive all the way to Deer park for nothing because Mike said, 'don't worry 'bout cooking.'  Mike lost his cigar.  Joey no more cigarettes, no more alcohol, no more lung disease.   Cathy (double stars)...Mark

November 16, 1996
Mike bought new music for Uno game cable guy cut Mike's wire.  Jim has no history that he knows of.  Mark has no new music but has cable and won at Poker.  Cathy got her real license and cooked stuffed shells.  New floor for Joe.  Joey...Jim...Cathy...Cathy

November 30, 1996
Thank's Thanksgivin UNO
Joey is eating sour macoroni & cheese.   New deck of Uno cards - Hallaloua - Mike thinks the music is "Just Great."  Mike & Joe eat midnight dinner at docks.  Kathy made lasagna.   Jim - no news.  Mark on vacation & he sprained his arm & was Poker winner.  Where's Desert Joe?  Got the best bears.

Pre HolidayUNO
Mike hits Vegas next Tuesday.  D.J. reappears (has to do with time shift)  Where's Joe?  Cathy ready to go to Utah!   Doreen working really god-damn hard.  Joey confused about Internet.   Darryl had fun playing.    Mark....Cathy....Mark

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